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What is Acne

Acne is a skin disease that commonly occurs during adolescence. However, in some cases, it can continue into adulthood. Fortunately, many treatments are available.

We offer a comprehensive array of Acne treatment information and resources which are constantly being updated and enhanced. There is no need to suffer with Acne. Effective Acne treatments exist for all grades of Acne.

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Recent News

Accutane Lawsuit Update

Accutane lawsuits continue for inflammatory bowel disease and depression effects.

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Treatments for Scarring

Many treatment exist to minimize Acne scars. However, usually Acne must fully resolve before these treatments can be commenced.

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Psychological Effects

Anyone who has suffered from Acne can attest to the severe psychological effects that Acne can result. Unfortunately, persons who have not suffered from Acne can rarely appreciate these psychological effects and the severity of them.

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